Calendar of all scheduling activities for a specific season.
The table can be downloaded in a spreadsheet or printed (see at the bottom).
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SHL DISTRIBUTION DEADLINEDeadline for the Distribution of historic slots for Winter 2019/2020 by coordinators2019/04/162019/04/20More info
AGREED HISTORIC DEADLINEAgreed historic slot deadline for Winter 2019/20202019/05/092019/05/09More info
SLOT SUBMISSION DEADLINEDeadline for Submission of initial slot requests for coordinated airports and schedule Information for facilitated airports2019/05/162019/05/16More info
SAL DISTRIBUTION DEADLINEDeadline for the SAL distribution by coordinators and schedules facilitators for Winter 2019/20202019/06/062019/06/06More info
IATA SC 144IATA Schedule Conference for Winter 2019/20202019/06/182019/06/20More info
IATA SLOT HANDBACK DEADLINEIATA Slot handback deadline for Winter 2019/20202019/08/152019/08/15More info
START OF USE IT OR LOSE IT CALCULATIONReference date for the use it or lose it calculation for Winter 2019/20202019/08/312019/08/31More info

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