Distribution dates of SHL & SAL messages for all airports managed by EUACA Members.

Please note that only level 3 (Coordinated) and level 2 (facilitated) airports are shown in the above list.

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SeasonCountryAirportCoordination LevelSHL sent onSAL sent on
W19Denmark (DK)AAL (AALBORG AIRPORT)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Denmark (DK)AAR (AARHUS LUFTHAVN - TIRSTRUP)Data collection (Level 1)
W19United Kingdom (GB)ABZ (ABERDEEN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Spain (ES)ACE (LANZAROTE)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Turkey (TR)ADB (IZMIR - ADNAN MENDERES)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Norway (NO)AES (AALESUND VIGRA)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Spain (ES)AGP (MÁLAGA-COSTA DEL SOL)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19France (FR)AJA (NAPOLEON BONAPARTE )Data collection (Level 1)
W19Spain (ES)ALC (ALICANTE)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Netherlands (NL)AMS (AMSTERDAM SCHIPHOL)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Greece (GR)AOK (KARPATHOS)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Sweden (SE)ARN (STOCKHOLM-ARLANDA)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Greece (GR)ATH (ATHENS)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Greece (GR)AXD (ALEXANDROUPOLIS)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Turkey (TR)AYT (ANTALYA)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Spain (ES)BCN (BARCELONA-EL PRAT)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19United Kingdom (GB)BFS (BELFAST INTERNATIONAL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Norway (NO)BGO (BERGEN FLESLAND)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Italy (IT)BGY (BERGAMO - Orio al Serio)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19United Kingdom (GB)BHD (BELFAST CITY )Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19United Kingdom (GB)BHX (BIRMINGHAM)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Spain (ES)BIO (BILBAO)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Turkey (TR)BJV (BODRUM - MILAS)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Spain (ES)BJZ (BADAJOZ)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Denmark (DK)BLL (BILLUND AIRPORT)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Italy (IT)BLQ (BOLOGNA - G. Marconi)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Sweden (SE)BMA (STOCKHOLM-BROMMA)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19United Kingdom (GB)BOH (BOURNEMOUTH)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Norway (NO)BOO (BODO)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Germany (DE)BRE (BREMEN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Italy (IT)BRI (BARI)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19United Kingdom (GB)BRS (BRISTOL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Belgium (BE)BRU (BRUSSELS NATIONAL)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Slovakia (SK)BTS (BRATISLAVA - M R STEFANIK)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Hungary (HU)BUD (BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Italy (IT)CAG (CAGLIARI - Elmas)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19France (FR)CDG (PARIS CHARLES-DE-GAULLE)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19France (FR)CEQ (CANNES MANDELIEU)No specific status
W19Greece (GR)CFU (CORFU)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Germany (DE)CGN (COLOGNE/BONN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Greece (GR)CHQ (CHANIA)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Italy (IT)CIA (ROME Ciampino - G.B. Pastine)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19France (FR)CMF (CHAMBERY AIX LES BAINS)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Denmark (DK)CPH (COPENHAGEN AIRPORT - KASTRUP)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Italy (IT)CTA (CATANIA - Fontanarossa)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19United Kingdom (GB)CWL (CARDIFF)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Turkey (TR)DLM (DALAMAN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Russia (RU)DME (MOSCOW - DOMODEDOVO)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Germany (DE)DRS (DRESDEN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19United Kingdom (GB)DSA (DONCASTER SHEFFIELD)Data collection (Level 1)

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